Nur Zaihanirah, DTM

Nur Zaihanirah, or more commonly known as Hani (Honey) joined Sibu Toastmasters Club in 2013. She was one of the rising stars from the club, achieving milestones after milestones, completing Toastmasters communication and leadership programs, competed in numerous speech contests, and eventually earning her Distinguished Toastmaster in 2018. Currently, Hani serves as Division S Director, continuing her journey to become a better leader.

When asked who is her inspiration, Hani credits Peter Lau Ik Yang. To her, Peter listens more than he speaks. But when he do speak, it’s impactful, inspiring and motivating. Peter projects humbleness, at the same time, his leadership can be felt. He is one of the charter members of Sibu Toastmasters Club, and more important, the reason why Hani continues her leadership journey in Toastmasters.

Hani believes that every leader should always give back and serve wholeheartedly, especially those who just embarked onto their leadership journey. It is also a bonus if the leader is effective and creative in problem solving.

When asked about the lessons she learnt from Toastmasters, Hani highlighted the importance of listening as a leader and having courage to take actions. Walking the talk, Hani sets her goal to serve effectively, creating more impact to her surroundings by being a model Toastmaster and be a better trainer to encourage more growth in others.

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