Featured District Leader – Division B Director

Rita Ashwati, ACB ALB

Division B Director

Currently the Division B Director, Rita Ashwati has been a Toastmaster since 1st October 2015. Her aspiration to be a better leader was inspired by her previous boss, Mr Agie Achmad Gumilang. Due to his maturity and capability, Mr Agie was able to adapt his leadership style when dealing with different types of subordinates, peers, management and external parties. This lead to Rita believing that empowerment through leadership is the characteristic every leader should possess.

When asked about the lesson she learnt from Toastmasters, Rita shared about understanding the importance of having self control especially when dealing with different people of different characteristics who came from different background. Also, it is important to stay positive so she can spread more positivity to people around her.

Being a leader now, Rita advise to those who is taking up leadership role for the first time, is to understand that leadership is not only about roles and responsibilities. If done well, this can broaden one’s perspective about life, carrying this experience beyond Toastmasters which will benefit their life. In short, Toastmasters is an investment to self-development.

Looking forward, Rita hopes to inspire more people to join Toastmasters, so they can share her aspiration in spreading positivity to others in their life.

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