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Pediatric Cipto Toastmasters Club

Pediatric Cipto Toastmasters Club was initiated in March 2017 by two faithful  members of Huntsman Indonesia Toastmasters Club: Cahyani Gita Ambarsari, DTM and Madeleine Ramdhani Jasin, CC CL. Having been Toastmasters members of a goodstanding club for years, both members have experienced the benefits, not only in public speaking and leadership, but also in developing network and strong friendships. Both members find Toastmasters as a perfect place to improve themselves while having fun at the same time.

TM Cahyani and Madeleine work at the same institution, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, the national referral medical center in Indonesia, which affiliated with Medical Faculty of University of Indonesia. Dealing with residents of Pediatric Program and medical students, TM Cahyani and Madeleine see Toastmasters as a great organization which may help students to pass their academic program successfully.

With regards to the advantages, medical residents/students, who join Toastmasters may gain the skills which can support their study. First, the residents have to present medical English presentation during their Pediatric residency, therefore, the platform provided by  Toastmasters may enable them to train their English speaking skill. Secondly, the residents need to do the hospital work, night shift, academic presentations, and individual readings with a time limit. Getting accustomed to deliver speeches and to take roles within a time frame, the members develop the habit of setting the timeline to get things done and make the best of every minute. Finally, the supportive atmosphere creates positivity among the members. Despite of great challenges arise in members’ academic life, they keep themselves motivated, accept feedback easily, and cope better with stress and deadlines.

When the club was chartered in June 2016, the club received a great help from Jakarta Toastmasters Club members, TM Indrijati Pudjilestari, who became the club mentor, and TM Aswadi Ibrahim, who later transferred his membership to Pediatric Cipto TMC. Another club which has helped greatly is indeed Huntsman Indonesia TMC, by delegating their members to attend Pediatric Cipto TMC meetings.

Being an open club, as the club grows, members who join the club is not restricted to Pediatric Program residents. Students from Masters Program of Economy and Masters Program of Law, medical student of Faculty of Dentistry, Professor and medical staff of Paediatrics Department, and a doctor from Persahabatan Hospital also join in as members.

To conclude, Pediatric Cipto TMC is a unique club, which base is in a hospital with members predominantly are medical doctors.


What do members seek when they join the club

The majority of our members are Pediatric residents; medical doctors who are advancing their career to become Pediatricians. They want to prepare themselves to perform better in their case presentations. To graduate from Pediatric Residency Program, every resident needs to present two English case presentations and pass an English-speaking national board examination. Thus, excelling in English speaking is essential for their academic performance. Meanwhile, some other members who are not working in the hospital, want to boost their confidence and to improve their ability in English, which may help them landing on their dream job or leveling up their career.


How does your club bring value to the members?

Our core value is equity. Everyone is equal, regardless their age, status and positions in the program or in the office. It can be seen clearly in the way we divide our roles in the club. An example for this is in preparing the meeting venue every week. Any members who are available will readily set up the meeting room, knowing that SAA may still be occupied with the hospital work. Another example is the arrangement of evaluators. Even though the members maybe relatively new compared to the speakers, every members who have completed first three speeches in Pathway curriculum can evaluate any speakers, which means the well-experienced Toastmasters member is open to receive feedback from the new members.

Equity is a pivotal value that we want to grow within the club, also into a greater environment outside the club, particularly in academic activities. We aim to develop an ideal academic setting where everyone feel free to share ideas in a positive manner.


How does a club pass on best practices to each succeeding term

It is a fact that Pediatric Cipto TMC is an evolving club. We have passed the first year, that was the time we settled the existence of a Toastmasters club in the hospital community. People in the Pediatric program understand what Toastmasters is and the benefits it offers. We successfully achieved President’s Distinguished Club status in 2017-2018, however we are still working to optimize club performance including defining the way to transfer best practices from the previous officers team to the current team.

The teamwork of club officers and participation of members are the area we need to improve in our second year, and we are optimistic that we can meet this target during this term.

As a club consisting of a number of members, it is important to set a long term goal as well as having an intermediate and short term goal which we want to achieve together. A club needs to clearly define a final goal that the club wants to achieve at the end. If we have the final destination, then we can break it down into the achievable goals for the short term.

To hand the best practices over to the next in charge officers, a good communication is the key. In other words, we need to make the future officers to have the mutual understanding to plan for the future of the club.    


How does a club maintain a dynamics among members and exco?

  1. By whatsapp group (WAG), that is providing encouragement and building sense of friendship.
  2. By actively posting meeting pictures in Instagram and Facebook, which makes the members delighted and feel the supportive atmosphere of the club, as members can review their own performance by seeing the pictures.
  3. By building the relationship between the officers and members in daily/regular activities, as most members work in the same area, that is the hospital.
  4. By facilitating and accompanying members to deliver speeches and take roles in other clubs, for the members to feel a different stage.
  5. By inviting speakers or role takers from other Toastmasters club to gain perspectives from other clubs
  6. To be open to feedback from members regarding the way we hold the meeting. The club is open to apply varieties of meeting format.

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