World Championship of Public Speaking Contest 2018 – District 87, Eddie Chung

Eddie Chung, our District 87 contestant on 2018 World Championship of Public Speaking®, shared his personal story to you. Find it below:

My journey to Chicago has been an awesome one as well as educational. For the semifinal, I managed to rub shoulders among the world’s best. Few of the contestants were seasoned contestants, and they were very helpful by giving me tips on the contest procedures.
I was really nervous up to the contest itself. I didn’t have much sleep due to the time difference, and the pressure of the contest. But the support by District Director Liana Kwan and PQD Toh Hee Wong had been tremendous. They gave me a big boost of confidence, as well as from every D87 members watching on live.

The crowd had been amazing. They were supportive and I had this feeling that they wanted me to do well. Indeed it was, when I went up, I saw a lot of cheerful faces and encouraging smile. When the first line left my mouth, I felt very much at ease. Wonderfully wonderful!
Though I didn’t get any placing, I was very touched that after my speech, there were people came to tell me how much they like my speech, and how they could use it in their life. First, it was a lady from the US, who told me that she was undergoing a tough period in her life and how my speech could have helped her. Then two ladies from Taiwan came to greet me because they enjoyed my speech. Then another lady from Taiwan who is working in Dallas also came to shake my hand just to let me know how my speech touched her. And the list goes on…an old American couple came and said, “Well done! Love that speech of yours!” when I was going for another workshop. At the elevator, one American came to tell me how he could relate to my speech because he has to send his son to the school in the morning and how he has to wake up by 4 am. The following evening, while attending another semifinal, one American sitting in front of me turned to me and gave me a fist bump saying that he liked my speech a lot. Another one said the same and shook hand with me 2 days later while I was crossing the road! And in the final day, before I checked out, another guy passed by me with his luggage and said “Hey!! Well done! That’s a great speech!” And up to the airport, I met a Toastmasters from Pakistan who came to me because he saw my contest. We became friends after that!

What can I say? I felt out of this world when people came to tell me that my speech connected with them. Toastmasters are really supportive. They want you to win, they want you to be successful.
To all members of District 87, do grab the next available chance to compete in the speech contest. Take it as an opportunity to change the world, one speech at a time. And to all D87 Toastmasters, thank you so much for the great support. Love you all and God Bless.

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